Designing Eye Candy Campaigns

Creative Ad Design from


Creative Ad Design from

Measuring human behavior in marketing is a hot topic right now, literally. We’re very excited about 3M’s Visual Attention Service (VAS), the online scanning tool used to optimize the visual impact of design across advertising, marketing, media and the Internet. This technology should help us effectively command the attention of the shopper, be it online or in store.

This web-based scanning tool applies vision science (heat maps) to predict – within seconds – which elements of visual content in the graphics we create for our clients, will get noticed in our ads and soon in our videos.

  • It indicates what design elements people are most likely to notice in the first 3 to 5 seconds using heat maps and selectable visual score patterns.
  • Confirms and strengthens design decisions at any stage of creation.

We are going to test it on the marketing and campaigns were designing right now, including websites, print, banner, photographs, packaging, in-store, direct mail or out-of-home advertising, like billboards.

Attention tools like this one, will help us show our clients the visual impact of our content and increase the chance that viewers will notice the most important elements of a design we create.