Love Branded in Times Square NYC


A client that spends absolutely zero dollars on paid for advertising anywhere in the US wanted to know my opinion on a special “deal” they received for a Times Square G-Tron (digital billboard) opportunity the other day. He received a “discount” offer for $75K USD for 15/30 second spots from Light Years Media. The offer … Continue reading

Hero Marketing


  Marketing can never substitute great products and services that people just love. Reality is, an awesome product or service will market itself. Any noise made beyond that will just support organic word-of-mouth growth. Hero marketing begins with great product development.

Measurable Marketing and Customer Insight


Forget about the traditional market research model of surveys and demographics. The internet now has us measuring customer behavior in real time, closer to the actual moment of purchase.  Companies that can help your brand  discover how to give your customers what they want, when they want it – Graph Effect  will help you find out … Continue reading

Membership Program Marketing in 2012


Sometime last month we were sitting around the conference room table with a team of executives brainstorming ideas to help their partners increase sales and customer loyalty. One of those in the room with a short-term thinking “mind-set” brought up the “fact?” that in her experience she found that customers who signed up for gym … Continue reading

Successful Brand Integration Measurement

Tape Measure

No doubt, the advertising world is changing, with more ways being developed to help companies integrate their brand into paid for advertisements while creating a more dynamic experience for their audience and a less invasive one for the consumer. The idea of brand integration has been around for a long time, but when incorporated into … Continue reading

Winning Marketing Strategies


Your marketing goals should strengthen your brand equity and focus on winning strategies that aim to –  Increase your revenue  Build market share Decrease price sensitivity Increase customer loyalty Increase your ability to attract and retain high-quality employees All marketing strategies must focus on driving significant business results. Marketing strategy checklist Does your strategy – … Continue reading

Out Fox the Competition


So you’re building a brand new business from scratch. Out of nothing but a need you saw and an opportunity to fill it. How exciting.  The smart way to start is by incorporating  marketing, PR and design into every detail; right from the beginning. Building your business around key marketing strategies is the roadway to … Continue reading

Marketing & PR Facts & Stats


Thanks to MarketingCharts for these 2011 stats and facts. Did you know – Facebook users don’t like to refer, big banks face a trust deficit and boomers spend the most online? More from Marketing Charts 2011. . . Worst time to schedule an email offer to your customers is 10 am to noon. This is … Continue reading

Micro-Marketing – Zooming in on New Customers


Zooming in on a specific concentrated/targeted market can be an effective way to increase customers and sales revenue. It requires a very strategic focus and time spent studying the current customer mix, how they shop and what they do before and after they arrive at your business. We have a goal to double our client’s … Continue reading

Winning Spa Marketing Strategies

Winning Spa Marketing Strategies

We are back to work after a relaxing holiday weekend and sending out a We Miss You email campaign to over 50,000 customers today for one of our clients. The email is targeted to customers who have not returned for a service within three to six months. We are going to lure them back with … Continue reading


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