Award Winning Beauty PR

beauty awards

The cosmetic, skin and hair care market is inundated with exciting innovation. With so many products available, how does a consumer know which really works and which are safe? How will they know that your product is truly the most innovative and absolutely the best bang for their beauty buck? Sure, beauty blogger and website reviews … Continue reading

Newswordy PR


Stumbled upon, a website that gives you a clearer understanding about the most popular words used in the news and precisely how they are being used in stories and on social sites like @twitter.

Television News Coverage 101


This post is not about pitching a television show idea. The following insight is about getting your new product/service on national network and/or local TV news. Every brand owner wants a bit of TV time in his or her earned media coverage mix. Big network coverage (GMA, Ellen , The View. . . all add clout … Continue reading

Where Brand Meets Blog


Busy PR bees, we’re on a whirlwind desk side tour media tour in NYC this week – about 30 meetings in three days. Hoping to inspire journalists, editors, writers with new story ideas and content sharing to build brand buzz for our clients. We’re meeting with editors of magazines like Allure, Women’s Health, Parents, Shape, Natural … Continue reading

10 Personal Tips to Elevate Earned Media


Meeting with another editor today made us realize once again, just how personal it really gets. Journalists or not, people in general like to talk and think about themselves – what they like, how they like it and what their needs and wants are – and in the end – that is how they will … Continue reading

5 Tips on How to Position Yourself as an Expert


We’ve often hear potential clients say, “the media always interviews the same five people in my industry and we can’t understand why. “ “ Don’t they want someone new to speak to? “Sure they do, but trust builds media and business relationships and that happens over time, one story at a time.  Staying on top of your game … Continue reading

Marketing Lessons from PR Frontliners


 The following describes a typical day of whirling dervish marketing and PR activities along with rules to remember when reaching for the stars.  To whirl |(h)wərl| verb move or cause to move rapidly around and around : [ intrans. ] leaves whirled in eddies of wind | 9:15 am – Pick up copy of October … Continue reading

Magical PR Powers

Magical PR Powers

We have a super star PR friend who, when clients were moaning, use to say “we’re publicists for God’s sake, not magicians”.  It’s true, sometimes clients, for one reason or another, think that PR can solve everything and/or make it all happen, just like that, with the wave of the magical PR wand. Yeah, right. … Continue reading

Your Pre-Game Press Plan for Editorial Coverage


One of the most helpful documents you can create is a Press Fact Sheet for editors/writers and journalists who are looking to feature or review your company in their respective media outlet. Whether it be for their blog, trade journal or national consumer magazine, answering their FAQ’s before the interview will save you time and … Continue reading

The Evolution of Social Relations


We are continually challenged and excited about the evolution of marketing and public relations. What an amazing time to be in the field of communications. But, what does it take to monitor and engage at the speed with which information travels via the world wide web and mobile applications?  The digital age has given everyone … Continue reading


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