Creative Collaboration


It’s an explosion of creative collaboration,

for shared revenue and audience exposure.

We are seeing more and more traditional magazine editors look to bloggers for their unique point of view and writing expertise. We’re also witnessing

Bloggers and websites that spark new magazine titles

Traditional magazine publishers collaborating with niche websites that have developed a strong and loyal following to create special printed editions for their followers. This increases brand awareness for the website (think of all the publisher’s established distribution points) and brand new titles for the publishing industry.

For better or worse, the marriage of bloggers and brands

Brands commissioning bloggers to write reviews, star in videos, host events and  increase awareness across various social platforms.

And web publishers hosting events with traditional media

Traditional media (bringing time-honored value to the table with built-in credibility and a trusted reputation) working with emerging brands while collaborating with web publishers all for the purpose of creating exciting and experiential events for their shared audience.

About Madeline Johnson

Inspiring everyone to become the very best they can be while leading more passionate, purposeful lives filled with gratitude and greatness. Studying and curating the very best experts and masters of mind, body and soul for improving performance, achieving greatness and living a thoughtful and intentional life. Obsessed with how technology can improve our fitness, meditation and mindful practices while reducing stress and creating calm amidst the chaos of modern existence.

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